In our last Monday class we discussed diversity and how the differences contribute to the whole. I  remember a story of a young man who went to a conference and met with a group of people from outside California. The group had a problem to solve, but the others’ did not consult him, ask his opinion or ideas. He was hushed and they carried on without him.  They had put aside the cornerstone. The one who had the knowledge and expertise in the area of study that they did not. Yet, because he was did not look like them, the group went down the rabbit hole believing he had nothing of value for them when in fact he carried value and the ideas leading to answers to address the problem. So it is with diversity. Who has all the pieces of the puzzle? No one person does. No one type, no one group has all the answers and we need each other to be strong when the storms come. So have we met a cornerstone today and not known it?