This semester I am taking sociology 144. I had heard about how good Dr. Jendian’s class was as well as his teaching methods. I am grateful that I am finally able to take his class. In this short time, I have learned so much about advocacy and community organizing. We are currently working on our public narrative. The Public narrative is our story. The story is meant to have us get people to join in on our cause. Last Thursday, we shared our stories with a classmate and it brought up many emotions for myself and for others in the class. This also made me step out of my comfort zone since I do not like to share too much about me to folks. Sharing my story brought many feelings and It also felt good to tell my story. In the process Dr. Jendian mentioned something that stuck with me he said “ the cure for the pain is actually in the pain”. Later he also added how we need to remind ourselves that we are all human and that we all have a story and by hearing other people’s stories we can find that we have things in common. In higher education is so hard to get these type of lessons in the classroom. Usually, professor just teach you the academic side. In Humanics they are developing us in spirit,mind,and body. I am grateful to be in this program. Not only am I learning about the CBO world but also about things that will help me in life. Big shout out to Dr.Jendian! Thank you for being you and for what you do for us. Thank you for teaching us the academics but also teaching us in life.