Join us today (November 2
​nd​) or tomorrow (November 3)
and help show your support for Humanics@FresnoState during Fresno State’s
first-ever online Day of Giving!

Day of Giving is a 24-hour online fundraising marathon to rally students,
staff/faculty, alumni and friends to come together to give back and
celebrate Fresno State.

The success of the campaign relies on participation from as many people as
possible. The dollar amount of the gift is less important than the number
of people showing their support for Humanics@FresnoState. If 500 Humanics
Alumni, current students, community partners, family, and friends each give
$10, we will exceed our goal of $5,000 to help support our Humanics:

– Students4Giving Project (www.humanicsfresnostat

– CBO Capacity Building Project (
– Student Scholarships and Professional Development (

In order to maximize the impact and effectiveness of our collective
efforts, we need your help to spread the word and ignite a passion to
give. Feel free to share this info and our day of giving website where
individuals can give to support Humanics@FresnoState:


Matthew Ari Jendian, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair of Sociology
Director of Humanics

California State University, Fresno

*Humanics@**Fresno**State*—*Exceptional Leaders.* *Enhanced
Organizations. **Enriched
HUMANICS (hyoo-man-iks): the education of the whole person—in spirit, mind,
and body—for leadership in service to humanity