As part of the make-up assignment for the missed retreat, myself and two other classmates attended the Valley Cultural Coalition’s State of the Arts Luncheon.  I did find both the purpose and the setup of the luncheon were interesting and effective.  First off, the luncheon hosted a silent option that in my opinion was very well placed in the venue.  As attendees registered and walked to their table they walked right through the silent auction, I thought that these were placed here to help sell the auction because it was something that was not missed by anyone.  I did find the purpose of the luncheon to be very knowledgeable and interesting.  The topic around it had to do with the importance of arts and the impact it has on individuals.  It is unfortunate that there are many organizations and art programs that are no longer being funded, because as mentioned at the luncheon the arts have had numerous positive impacts on individuals.  Overall the luncheon was very well organized.  The organizers did a really good time at planning out a timeline for the event and sticking to it, I personally thought this was important to do because as it is taking place during the lunch hour many attendees had a job to get back to.  This was a luncheon that I believe was useful for their intended cause, because they did an effective job at getting their intended message out which in turn helps their organization grow and helps grow the support for art programs.