On September 19, 2017 I (along with my grant writing team of fellow Humanics scholars) attended a board meeting for the community benefit organization ARC, which stands for Adventure Risk Challenge. The meeting was conducted remotely over video conference call between members in 3 locations and although there were a few technological hiccups, they were sorted out quickly. There was some discourse about changing the wording in the mission statement which was interesting to listen to and be a part of. There was a word in the mission statement that tends to have negative connotations and one of the board members suggested the idea of changing it. The discussion went on for a few minutes, but ultimately was tabled until a later time. Since I am writing this blog at a later date, I am able to report that the change did ultimately happen and the new mission statement reads, “Our mission is to empower underserved youth through integrated literacy and wilderness experiences.”

Following the board meeting, six of us went to dinner with Sarah Ottley, the executive director of ARC’s board. We got to talk about the programs for which they want to seek funding in a more relaxed, casual atmosphere and realize what an amazing program ARC really is. Sarah told us all about the journey that led her to the position she’s in today and asked us to tell her about ourselves. We learned at the Humanics retreat that the most effective teams eat and play together and this time spent together definitely qualified as both.