Throughout the semester I had the pleasure of cultivating a great relationship with my mentor Pedro Santana, United Health Centers Foundation Economic Development Manager. Starting our mentor/mentee relationship over a cup of coffee, realizing we had similar upbringings and goals in life we were able to help each other professionally and build a strong personal relationship. Today, I had the opportunity of shadowing him at the United Health Center in Parlier as they provided free mammograms to women. As we toured the Health Center, I saw the importance of the work that Pedro does for all the United Health Centers. My family being a recipient of Mendota Health Center’s services, I am grateful for the work he has done and will continue to do for all the families in the Central Valley. The best part of having Pedro as my mentor is that he has already started to push me to become a better professional. I can count on him for anything. I am grateful for his advice and guidance, I have learned so much from him, I hope that one day I could step into his shoes and train young professionals like he’s training me and build a well-rounded mentor/mentee relationship like Pedro and I have.