I had the honor of being in the group that evaluated the Poverello House. In the Spring semester of 2017, Poverello House was granted $5,000 by the Humanics Program, through the Students4Giving Grant. It was a great learning experience being able to see the evaluation side of grant funding. I got to see first hand how crucial it is to continue communication between the grant maker and grantee, and to abide by the initial proposal. It was a great pleasure seeing what Poverello made use of with the funds granted to them. I realize that volunteers are a huge part of what makes up the Poverello House and it’s functionalism. It was amazing to see how Poverello puts so much emphasis on their appreciation for their volunteers.

However, what I enjoyed the absolute most about working on this evaluation was working with some of my group members that I had a pleasure of getting to know on a more personal level. On December 10th, the day before our evaluation presentation, I was able to meet with Samantha, Sarah, Melissa, Desja, and Andy. While stressing about what to put on the powerpoint and finishing up the evaluations, we shared lots of laughs and stories that allowed me to know more about their life outside of school. These women are all amazing. Although we all come from different backgrounds, are different ages, and have had different experiences, we all connected. Hopefully we get that girls night we talked about!