[image: Central California Women’s Conference]

On behalf of the Central California Women’s Conference, we invite you to
submit a request for funding from proceeds from our last year’s
conference. *Only
digital submissions will be accepted and the application is available on
our website www.ccwc-fresno.org/grantapp
The online application period is open now, and the deadline to apply is
Noon on Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

Our community is fortunate to have so many non-profit organizations like
yours working on its behalf. We appreciate your organization’s drive and
continued commitment to improving our community.

The Central California Women’s Conference is proud to be able to support
501(c) (3) tax exempt organizations throughout California’s Central Valley
whose programs and services support women and children.

We look forward to hearing from you no later than *Noon on Wednesday,
February 7, 2018*.

Questions? Please contact Nené Casares (559) 430-6955
Mary Stabelfeld (209) 356-1000