The Humanics Retreat was an unforgettable experience considering that the highlight of the retreat was the march held in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. We Humanics Scholars participated in the march on the second day of our retreat. During the march, some of us brought along some signs, as viewed in the image above. The signs stated political issues that were of our particular interest and importance.

This was the first march in honor of Martin Luther King that I had ever participated in and it was an incredible experience. I felt proud to have been a part of such a historical event and to see the diversity of people who were all marching together. Some of those who were marching came up with unique cheers and chants to recite during the march. It was truly inspiring to see the amount of people cheering and chanting about important issues that our society faces today, not just here in Fresno, but also nationwide.

The march ended when we arrived at Fresno City Hall. There, a number of guest speakers spoke a few words about the important changes that were made in history, due to Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Several of the speakers spoke meaningful words about the important issues we face today. Others gave words of prayer, motivation and inspiration to continue to keep fighting for the issues we the people care about.

My last thought of reflection about this march is based on the image that is featured in this post. It reads, “Ningun Ser Humano es Ilegal,” which translates, “No Human Being is Illegal.” This was one of the main posters that caught my attention and it was my favorite one to read while I was marching. This sign meant a lot to me when I read it. It stated the reality and truth of what some of my friends are facing today and it served as a reminded, that as a Hispanic community we will not stop fighting for what we have worked so hard to achieve.