*In Class Today *(www.inclasstoday.com/) is seeking to hire a CEO.

In Class Today, a double bottom line business, with a mission to reduce
K-12 chronic absenteeism, while operating as a profitable enterprise, is
hiring a CEO to lead the organization through its next phase of growth and
beyond. You will be responsible for all aspects of the business. This
includes executing on the vision today; revising the strategy as needed;
and maintaining a clear and actionable plan for long-term success.

As a spin out from professor Todd Rogers’ Student Social Support R&D Lab at
Harvard University, the business has behavioral science in its DNA, matched
with the passion for making a difference in the lives of at-risk children
across the United States. An estimated 6-7M K-12 students in the United
States are chronically absent, and another 22-25M are at-risk of being
chronically absent. If children aren’t in school, they are far more likely
to fall behind their peers, making them less likely to graduate, go to
college and get a good, high-paying job, and live better lives.

In Class Today is working with 20 school districts today and is currently
cash flow positive. We are on track to eliminate 125,000 unexcused absences
this school year, with the (ambitious) goal of having 100x growth over the
next five years. With your leadership In Class Today can make a significant
impact in the lives of millions of students and their families, while
building a large and profitable business.

In Class Today has just closed an angel round of investment from a group of
committed technology executives and leading behavioral scientists, and has
sufficient capital to invest in the business through the 2018/2019 school
year. Under your leadership the business will continue to…
● Drive sales and year-over-year revenue growth by signing new school
districts & expanding with existing ones
● Refine the sales model to optimize the cost of sales to the more than
12,000 target school districts in the United States
● Increase the efficiency of the business delivery model
● Improve the efficacy of the core absenteeism reduction product, while
defining the future product direction
● Build and manage a world-class team
● Stay on track to eliminate millions of at-risk students’ unexcused
absences and improve long-term educational outcomes among at-risk youth in
the United States
● Deliver on our current commitments, while setting our long-term strategy
● Work with founder (Todd Rodgers) and Board to raise subsequent rounds of
funding as needed.

*QUALIFICATIONS: *​You​ ​have…
● The heart of a salesperson, the scrappiness of a startup founder, the
organizational skills of a seasoned business professional and the soul of
an educator
● Experience as a CEO or as a senior manager, managing managers as well as
individual contributors
● A background in enterprise software development, OR education (Having
both would be amazing, but is not a requirement!)
● A clear point of view on performance management and general management
best practices
● An understanding of startup finance
● Deep experience with some, and familiarity with most business functions
such as sales, marketing, PR, finance, operations, and product development
● Validated experience developing business strategies and executing to them
● Excellent communication and public speaking skills
● A background in behavioral science and statistics is a plus!

*A​ ​note​ ​on​ ​location:*​ In Class Today currently has team members in
Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC, and LA. The team is prepared to grow
the business in a city that makes sense for you and for the business. In
Class Today is committed to finding the best CEO for the business, wherever
she or he lives.

*How​ ​to​ ​apply:​ *​Please send a cover letter and resume to Marc Laitin:
marc@inclasstoday.com and he will follow up.

From Todd Rogers:

As we close out 2017 I want to share a few updates on my work to reduce
chronic absenteeism among K-12 students, and the growth of the organization
I helped launch to scale the impact of the interventions my lab has
designed and tested.

*In Class Today (background)*… As you likely know, we have developed,
tested, and refined an intervention that consistently reduces chronic
absenteeism by 10%-15%. We have tested it in three pre-registered
experiments in Philly
Chicago, and San Mateo
Several others and I started In Class Today
to help districts implement the intervention at scale. Think OPOWER for

In the 2017/2018 school year our team, led by the indefatigable Johannes
Demarzi, are working with…

· 20 different school districts in (up from 2 districts last year)

· 5 states, that collectively serve more than

· 2.5 million students.

· In those districts we are delivering absence reports to 97,000
households, and are

· On track to eliminate more than 110,000 absences from at-risk
students this year

We have also raised an investment round that will allow us to accelerate
scaling and growing the business.

*This is just the beginning… *There are more than 13,000 school districts
in the US, serving more than 50 million students, who collectively miss
more than 300 million days of school. If we deployed our intervention in a
fraction of these school districts we could eliminate many millions of
absences from at-risk students every year.

*How can you help? *In Class Today has an evidence-based product that
delivers results, but growing our operation to deliver impact at scale is
going to take more than just evidence. We need…

· *CEO* to lead our organization through this next phase (Job
description attached.)

· *Connections* to district leaders (Do you know district leaders
interested in proven interventions to reduce absenteeism?)

Thank you for your continued support, and hopefully this can serve as a
template for how academic research in the behavioral sciences can deliver
social value at scale.


Todd Rogers

< todd.rogers.mail@gmail.com>