Relevant New Course being offered: AGED 160T: Leadership in Groups and
Teams, taught by Dr. Avery Culbertson (Schedule #36564, MWF 11-1150am).

This course is designed to examine leadership as it relates to group and
team behavior. Topics will focus on: components of a group and team,
relationships of group and team members, effectiveness of groups and teams,
communication in groups and teams and leadership of groups and teams.

Over the course of this last semester, Dr. Culbertson and others have been
in the process of creating the new Leadership Program in the Jordan
College: “We are proposing a new certificate program for students who want
to improve their leadership, team building and communication skills. Though
still in progress, it is likely that the certificate will consist of three
core leadership classes and a fourth elective class (12 units total). If
students are interested in leadership, they may want to consider enrolling
in the Leadership class offered in the spring: Leadership in Groups and
Teams. The program is open to any university student interested in studying
leadership development. Some of our majors may find that these courses will
also help fulfill degree requirements as well. I am not sure how this will
work for your departments specifically, but I can provide some examples of
majors in the college as a reference. For example, the student is an
agricultural communications major, these courses can be counted in the
major as career specialization courses (15 units required). If they are an
Ag Business major, these courses can count towards your 9-unit Ag
Foundation requirement or as electives (Ag Business degree requires 6-9
elective units). For all other majors in the Jordan College, these courses
would count as general elective units.”

For more information on the program or this particular course, contact Dr.
Culbertson at