This past Monday and Sunday I had the opportunity to participate in my last Spring Humanics Retreat! It’s been an amazing experience to start each semester with team building exercises along with inspiring seminars. This year’s Spring retreat was held at the Fresno Rescue Mission and we also participated in the downtown Fresno MLK march.

During the first day of the retreat we had the privilege of hearing from Fresno City Council President Esmeralda Soria and FUSD Superintendent Bob Nelson. Both of the community leaders shared their personal narrative and challenged us to stay involved in our community. I think the biggest encouragement I came away with was from Superintendent Nelson. He challenged and reminded me to keep relationships first, and to seek to understand. To truly understand is something that isn’t easy, and is something that my Humanics family highly values.

On MLK Day, we had the chance to walk alongside local community members to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s leadership and legacy. This was my first time participating in the downtown Fresno march, and I had to constantly remind myself to be a listener…… to be an observer……. and to seek to understand. The truth is we live in a divided city that desperately needs people to understand each other first, before seeking to be understood. It was a beautiful moment walking alongside different groups of people and see the impact that Dr. King still has. We ended up at Fresno City Hall and heard from an assortment of speakers. Some were inspiring and honest, and others were quite depressing and discouraging. It made me question my presence, and at times I became very cynical, and again I had to remind myself to seek to understand.

One of the major themes of the retreat was “Collective Enoughness.” This is the idea that we are better together than alone, that our community has far greater assets than needs, and the hope that we will seek to understand. Dr. Simmons wrapped up the retreat with one of my favorite quotes and reminded us that “alone we can go fast, but together we can go far.” That’s what Humanics is all about, a movement of exceptional leaders who are determined to enhance organizations, to further enrich our community. Cheers to the start of another great semester!!