Joan Minasian is an experienced senior consultant, who took the time to come out and teach us about board governance. The lessons she taught us were all hands on with learning activities. The assignments we did in class were about creating our own Community Benefit Organization (CBO) and establish its rules, mission statement, board roles, etc. The objective was for us in our groups to create our own CBO and set its bylaws, rules and everything else that’s included in a CBO.

This for me was indeed a learning experience and I took away valuable lessons from her lectures. I feel that I really learned through all of the hands on activities she had us do. She did not only teach us but she had us learn it on our own, by putting it in practice, which was what I liked the most about her lectures. After attending her lectures and doing the activities she provided for us, I feel much more confident about the work I am going to be doing, especially since, as a class, we will be giving away money to organizations.

Overall, I really enjoyed Joan’s lectures and all of the hands on learning she had us do during class. This really has prepared me in understanding how CBO’s work, know what to look for and know what to ask when looking for potential CBO’s to give away the grant to. I am excited and prepared to begin working on this project as a philanthropist.