As a kid, I remember going to Kearney park many times and it was for Central Unified School District’s marathon. I remember back then that the park seemed huge and endless, there were all kinds of tree and they were so huge. From the tour Dr. Simmons  gave of the Kearney Mansion, one can tell that Mr. Kearney definitely lived a comfortable as he built his wealth early on. Perhaps the reason why he was able to secure so much wealth is because he never married, so there was not much to invest other than on land.

The fact that his Irish decent forcefully pushed him to buy land so far out of the city. Thinking about this makes me think that even when everything and everyone is against you it does not mean your ideas and tenacity can allow you succeed in life.

His life and legacy applies to our entrepreneurship is that makes us think ahead in long term perspectives not only for the work plan projects we are working on but also in future jobs in CBO’s. The amount of wealth Mr. Kearney secured is insurmountable and that would be impossible to acquired today.  He is the reason why we have grapes/rasin in our valley now and the grape ag job sector is the reason why my family migrated to the valley.


As of right now I wish to find a way to purchase land and build a museum/ center of Indigenous Oaxacan communities. I think leaving a legacy like this sort allow future and current generation to not forget about the origins in some ways it secures that out history is recorded in the central valleys history. Like Dr. Simmons mention much of the historical land that are recorded are from wealth white individuals. I serve as board member of CBDIO an indigenous serving organization and I also chair other spaces where we encourage culture and language preservation. I am also a director for dance group that focus on preserving our traditional folk dance. I think my team might say that I was well into creating spaces and preparing myself and others to make sure that we build a facility were our history is recorded and also preserved.