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*It’s that time of year* — FUSE is launching our recruitment season for the
2018-19 cohort! We’re excited to expand our program and announce fellowship
opportunities in new cities and counties, and to deepen our partnerships
with government partners we’ve been working with for years.

With every project, our aim is to help communities thrive. We strive to
help build communities where people from all walks of life can afford to
live in safe neighborhoods with strong economies, have high employment
rates and living wages, and benefit from access to healthcare and
educational opportunities.

Many of this year’s projects will have a particular focus on helping to
lift underserved communities. For example, in San Jose, where more than
95,000 people do not have access to a reliable internet connection, a FUSE
fellow will help the city develop a creative strategy to procure
cost-effective wi-fi solutions in and around schools, in underserved
neighborhoods, and in every home. Learn more here

In Washington D.C., a FUSE fellow will partner with the City Administrator
to help establish a coalition of cities that will create evidence-based
practices and a new framework for violent-crime reduction through non-law
enforcement-based, compassionate interventions. Learn more here

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And in Philadelphia, where more than 25,000 people are released from jail
and prison every year, a FUSE fellow will work with the city to design a
coordinated approach to providing social services, health care and housing.
Learn more here

Check out all the new project descriptions here
More will be coming soon!

*Our Fellows’ Testimonials*

Our fellows are truly our best ambassadors. *Sean Do
who’s working on affordable housing and homelessness in Los Angeles, said
in an interview with ProFellow
a fellowship newsletter, that he had never before heard of a fellowship
designed for executives. “But once I did, it just made sense.”

*“*I knew I wanted to explore a segue into government or non-profit. I had
joined boards and looked for opportunities that I thought would offer
that,” Sean said. “However, over time, I realized that I really needed to
make a ‘deep dive’ into the nonprofit or government sector and I wanted
that to be an opportunity where I could leverage my existing experience.
The FUSE city partners wanted someone to come in and be a part of their
team, someone who would help them solve real problems and who would bring
new ideas to the table. I wanted to be that person.”

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*to learn more about the fellowship program.*

*Sami Iwata*
who’s helping the City of San Francisco design a framework for equity in
city services, chose to be a FUSE fellow because it was an opportunity to
“help drive systemic change that touches the lives of children and families
throughout my community.”

*E. Aminata Brown*
who’s working to modernize the New Orleans Police Department’s processes,
said she was drawn to the fellowship because she wanted to “support these
tides of change with a deep sense of personal responsibility to the
community that I love.”

And *Jon Quimby*
who’s helping Washington D.C. streamline its customer services, said, “It’s
hard to imagine a better opportunity to grow professionally and serve the
greater good at the same time.”

Read more about what inspired our 2017-18 fellows to join FUSE here

Last year, nearly one-third of our finalists came through referrals, so
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our fellowship
with those you think might be interested.

*FUSE Corps
with local governments to tackle some of society’s most important
challenges.Through our executive fellowship program, we work with cities
across a range of issue areas, including health, public safety, economic
and workforce development, climate change, equity, and education. With the
support of partners like Omidyar Network, Kresge Foundation, and The James
Irvine Foundation, FUSE is demonstrating the potential of cross-sector
collaboration as a vehicle for community-based problem solving.
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