LIVE AGAIN FRESNO (LAF) is pleased to announce a partnership with President
Castro to support staffing and programs for a Humanics/Sociology/FRN
Scholar to assist me in running the Mobile Food Service Program on Parkway
Drive this summer.

Position Title: Summer Programs Driver
Description: Drive the Live Again Fresno Ford Winstar Van for the USDA
Summer Food Service Program​ at motel properties on and in vicinity of
Parkway Drive from June 11th – August 10th, 2018. Coordinate and play with
kids during enrichment activities intended to break up the boredom and
Summer Slide (i.e., Learning Loss) that occurs during a Summer spent living
in a motel. This position will work alongside the LAF Program Coordinator.

See attached position description.

From Jed Soberal, Humanics Scholar and LAF Staff Member:
“This is a demanding job, entrenched in a relatively unsafe area of Fresno.
Having started the route in Summer 2017, I can say with certainty that I
‘quit’ several times before any real momentum was made, the result of which
was an After School Program and organizational funding (see I do not want to understate to anyone the
nature of the job; it is the hottest time of year spent setting up and
taking down eating areas in blacktop parking lots. Due to the fact that we
only serve children you will be confronted and yelled at by drug addicts,
prostitutes and homeless; this is something you must understand and endure
. You* will not *be asked to defend any property through physical
confrontation; you *will not* be left alone in situations which you are
uncomfortable. With all of that said, this has been one of the most
rewarding experiences of my life, and I think for the right person it will
be too.”

An intern could make as much as $3,780 over the Summer, representing a
decent opportunity.
Jed E. Soberal <>