Youth Leadership Institute

is currently working
with the City of Fresno to
members for the
Youth Commission
​ for
the next cohort
​. All 7 districts need to be filled. Feel free to
click this link to find out what district you live in.
​ ​

This is a great opportunity for a young person between the *ages of 16-21*
that is interested in being a voice for youth in their district. The Youth
Commissioners serve as an advisory role to City Council and the Mayors’
office. The youth must commit for a 2 year term. I have attached the
application to this email, as well as an informational flyer about the
program. You can either drop it off at *1749 L. Street Fresno* or you scan
and email it to Jose Espinoza at
* <>. *The
deadline to apply is July 20th.