What is Vote with Your Mission?
Vote with Your Mission is a new campaign to have 100% of eligible nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers vote. We call on nonprofits in California to sign on to the Vote with Your Mission campaign! Vote with Your Mission is organized by the California Association of Nonprofits (www.CalNonprofits.org).

Why sign on?
 To increase the number of people voting with the ideals and values that bring them into the nonprofit sector
 To increase voting by staff, volunteers, board members and constituents of nonprofits
 To raise the issue of staff/volunteer/constituent voter encouragement to nonprofit organizations and institutions of every size and from every community
 To re-frame the nonprofit sector as a significant segment of the voting public
 To provide a vehicle for nonprofit leaders to take the issue of voter encouragement and education to boards, management teams, coalitions, and donors
 To inspire others to take up similar activities

What does it mean to sign on?
When signing up to participate in Vote with Your Mission, a nonprofit agrees to do two or more of the following:
1. Ask all staff, board members, volunteers, and constituents to vote.
2. Adopt the slogan, “Vote with Your Mission,” with the tagline, “Nonprofits are led by ideals and values for changing the world. Vote with the ideals and values that lead you.”
3. Provide on-site nonpartisan voter registration materials for staff, board members, volunteers, and constituents.
4. Add to the organization’s list of responsibilities for its board of directors: “Voting in every election while you are on the board.”
5. Allow up to two hours of paid staff time to vote on Election Day. For non-voters, the time can be used to help coworkers or neighbors get to the polls, or to participate in “get-out-the-vote” activities (for any cause or candidate).
6. Post the Vote with Your Mission poster in your lobby, on your door or window, in your clinic, in your newsletter, and elsewhere, or create your own poster.

Participating nonprofits will be included on a running list on the campaign website and in other campaign materials. To see a complete list of California nonprofits that have signed on so far, go to votewithyourmission.org/participants.

How does my nonprofit organization sign on?
Starting May 1, nonprofits can sign up on our website, votewithyourmission.org.

How can my nonprofit become a co-sponsor?
Become a co-sponsor by agreeing to ask at least 15 other nonprofits to sign on to Vote with Your Mission. Sign up to be a co-sponsor at votewithyourmission.org/participants (click on “Become a Co-Sponsor”). Help us get the word out!

What if I have other questions?
Visit the campaign website (votewithyourmission.org), contact the campaign’s coordinator, Leslie Hatamiya (leslieh@CalNonprofits.org), or contact the California Association of Nonprofits (www.CalNonprofits.org or 800-776-42