The Humanics Capacity Building and Technical Assistance Program component involves three phases of assisting CBOs with Capacity Building through Consulting Teams, comprising 3-4 Fresno State Humanics Scholars and Alumni and a professional coach.

The teams conduct organizational assessments and submit feedback in a comprehensive report to the CBO, work with CBO staff and board members to identify priority areas and implement recommendations and evaluate impact annually.

The Capacity Building and Technical Assistance component is intended as a culminating community-engagement experience for Humanics scholars and is designed to enhance the capacity and long-term sustainability of CBOs to better fulfill their missions and meet the needs of the San Joaquin Valley.


As part of the Assessment Team working with Sisterhood of Survivors, I realized just how much I had learned throughout the course of this semester.  As I looked at the best practices inventory to compare them to the practices of the organization we were assessing, I realized how much the Humanics Program at Fresno State is able to give to Fresno’s CBO community.


Yekta Karimi

Humanics Student (Psychology-Pre-MBA) @ Fresno State

Year 8 Cohort 2016-2017

Year 7 Cohort 2015-2016


Year 6 Cohort 2014-2015


Year 5 Cohort 2013-2014

Year 4 Cohort 2012-2013

Year 3 Cohort 2011-2012

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