Individuals seeking the Humanics Certificate or Minor in Philanthropic & Community-based Leadership attend a professional development conference as a “capstone.”

Humanics@FresnoState has been nationally recognized for excellence at the Management Institute hosted by Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, and we organized the “R.E.A.L.® Experience” in May 2012, bringing in national speakers & high-quality training & networking opportunities to Fresno for Humanics Scholars and local CBO professionals (Sponsoring partners: Wells Fargo, Richter Center, Fresno Pacific University, Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau, Tacos Marquitos, ASI).

Our Collegiate Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals was established in 2012, & 57 of our Humanics Scholars have attended AFP International Conferences on Fundraising in San Diego (2013), San Antonio (2014), Baltimore (2015), & Boston (2016) with support from Geil Family Fund, SaveMart SHARES, & ASI.


Mentor Project

Humanics Scholars are eligible for our mentor project and paired with a professional for career advising and professional growth & development.

Financial Assistance

Humanics Scholars may apply for special scholarships & awards, both academic & need-based (e.g., Community Service Scholarships & Harvey Milk Award).

Internship Placements & Career Services

Humanics Scholars prepare networking cards & résumés and learn of regional & national internship & employment opportunities.  Our alumni are a preferred source of entry-level professionals among our community partner organizations.

I learned much more about myself than I expected when I enrolled in my 1st Humanics class. … Being surrounded by students & professors who lived & breathed philanthropy, & wanted so dearly to help others and work in the CBO sector reminded me of who I am & where I want to be. … Whether I take my business degree & join a private business, or jump right into the CBO sector, I know I will definitely be working or volunteering with a Community Benefit Organization… I know I need & want to give back to the community in which I was raised.

John Gonzalez


At the beginning of the semester, Humanics meant nothing to me. Now, it has shaped my career path in ways that are indescribable. First, it changed my vocabulary. I can no longer say the “N word” (i.e., “Nonprofit”) but am forever empowered to describe this sector as Community Benefit Organizations. Every assignment, every interaction, every site visit, and every event has changed the way I view Humanics and inspired my passion for the CBO sector. … Humanics has provided me with such incredible experiences of real life situations. To gain this kind of experience through one class is remarkable. … Before this class, I knew I wanted to work in the CBO arena but was uneducated in how they function. … Humanics has impacted my future career and has inspired me to pursue the change I wish to see in the world. My only regret is taking merely one Humanics course during my time here at Fresno State. … Humanics has impacted my life through just one semester in countless ways. I am confident that this program is going to change our city through empowering young professionals.

Micaela Jones

Business Administration—MGMT

I look forward to sharpening my skills in the CBO sector by taking what I’ve learned through Humanics@ Fresno State to my own community; no matter what my job position is, I will always have the title ‘citizen,’ and as such, I can make a more educated difference in my community at home & globally

Grethel Chacon

Special Major: Public & NGO Admin

The most meaningful parts of my Humanics experience were the relationships I built, the experience of going to a professional conference, and seeing our semester-long projects come to an amazing end. … I feel more capable of greater achievements than I previously thought. I would like to see more people be involved in philanthropic activities because I feel it could just take 1 person to make a difference.

Alyssa Boyles

Public Health-Community Health

I am reveling in all the knowledge I have gained, the growth that has occurred, the relationships that have been formed, & the impact that has been made. All three modules of Soc183—philanthropy, board development, and fundraising—significantly increased my knowledge of the CBO sector, my confidence in my abilities, & my enthusiasm to work in this field.  The Philanthropy Project has been the best project I’ve had the privilege of working on in college.”

Emily Hentschk