AFP Luncheon

Personally the best part of the Humanics program is getting to network with so many different people and organizations, and my first AFP luncheon did not fail me.


Erica Ybarra was the discussion moderator, and Carol Christenson and Cynthia Fidel were the presenters. Carol Christenson specializes in communication strategies in videography and editing, while Cynthia Fidel is the Client and Digital Services Director at JSA. Both speakers had extensive backgrounds in this field, and were very inspiring and brought forth a lot of valuable information.


There discussion had me thinking of how different things have changed over time, especially social media usage and how big of a platform it is now. To me, social media comes easy. I have grown up with it and used it my whole life. (And to be honest, I do not think I could live without it.)  I use it to communicate, network, and share information on a day to day basis. In the 21st Century, organizations are starting to implement this tool to better connect with donors. I think this is a great resource that all organizations could benefit from because their information can reach a way bigger audience than what a handout flyer could reach. I think one important note is that the content needs to be there and there needs to be a connection between your audience and the message you are trying to deliver.


I thoroughly enjoyed the video Carol Christenson showed about a local member of our community winning the Spelling Bee.

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