Make-up Retreat

As a part of our make-up retreat my group members and I decided to go to the ArtHop even that took place at the Armenian Museum of Fresno.  This was an interesting ArtHop to attend.  Our group consisted of 4 of us, and we were actually the only ones who were there to see the exhibit the entire time we were there.  This was a nice experience for us because it allowed the host of the event to really walk us through the entire exhibit and really get to know us and our background to related it back to the art that was there in the exhibit.  After attending the exhibit, it was nice to see that it was hosted by an individual who was not only Armenian himself, but he also knew a lot about the Armenian culture.  He was able to walk us through each of the exhibits and tell us the story behind each of the pieces of art.  He also knew the artist personally which showed how enthusiastic he was about the art.  What was nice about the exhibit was that it was very much tied back to our community.  One of the pieces of art work included was done from a young girl who lives in the central valley.  And the artist who did most of the paintings was from Armenia but he had paintings that he did in Yosemite National Park included in the exhibit.  Although it seemed to be a small and not known exhibit that takes part in ArtHop, it was interesting and I feel like my group and I were able to gain a lot of new knowledge from this exhibit that we probably would not have visited on our own.

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