Writing Grant Proposals That Win!

In tonight’s class, we had the pleasure of hearing from the lovely Nancy Key, President of Key Writing Concepts, Inc. She returned for a second time to share more valuable tips and advice on how to write the best grant proposal.

I think my fellow scholars would all agree with me that this grant writing process has been tedious and even frustrating at times. We’ve had to be CBO-Foundation matchmakers, deal with rejection and unreturned phone calls/emails, and learn to organize a large team of individuals (ourselves) in order to complete documents like the Letter of Intent (LOI) and now, the grant proposal. I applaud individuals like Nancy Key and her colleagues who do this kind of work for a living. While the process can be overwhelming, I’m thankful that we could hear from Nancy and glean from her experiences of being a part of writing thousands of grants. She was able to share the Dos and Don’ts of grant development based on key methods that have helped her to get many of her proposals approved, as well as lessons learned from rejected proposals.

The key takeaways for me this evening were:

  1. Make sure that your grant proposal is clear, detailed (but not long), and written in language that the funder can understand.
  2. The best proposals have been drafted several times well in advance to avoid mishaps, errors, and to verify that it’s being submitted in its most perfect form.
  3. When writing a grant proposal, one should be able to convince a foundation to fund by painting a clear vision, compiling a strong narrative, and demonstrating the capability for program implementation.

After tonight’s discussion with Nancy, I’m feeling a lot let stressed and more empowered/ready to write this grant proposal! Thank you, Nancy, for imparting wisdom and experience. Thank you, Dr. Simmons and Dr. Jendian for connecting us to the best guides and resources in this grant writing process.

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