Employment Opportunities with SEIU

This is the weekly announcement sent by the Talent Management Department
listing the vacancies for SEIU Local 1000. As of today, we have the
following positions:

– Legal Secretary (Legal Department, Oakland)
– Union Representative/Organizer (Field Department, Various Locations)
– Membership Resource Center Representative (MRC Department, Sacramento)
– *Area Coordinator (Field Department, Fresno) *
– Union Representative/Negotiator (Contract Department, Sacramento)
– Senior Union Representative/Organizer (Contract Department, Sacramento)
– Administrative Technician (Confidential) (Talent Management
Department, Sacramento)

If you are interested in applying, please go to the SEIU Local 1000 website
www.seiu1000.org/employment-opportunities, where you will find a
written description of the positions with the department, specific goals,
and objectives. The description is intended to improve the understanding
of the scope of the assignment and the more significant duties for the
positions in order to ensure the quality of services provided to our
members. For a basic description of the job specifications, eligibility
requirements, selection criteria and salary range for represented
positions, please refer to the language in the agreement between SEIU Local
1000 and the UAW 2350.

Thank you,

Melissa Soto

TM Agency Assistant

1808 14th St


CA 95811


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