Making the Artful Ask

During the course of the semester we had many guest speakers come and present numerous ideas and philosophies. It was such a fun semester. One of the presenters that I enjoyed most was Marci. She was very enthusiastic which made me want to learn more about the artful ask since I want to get into fundraising. She made us feel comfortable and helped me become a better leader in the community. She helped me tap into my fundraising skills, which will help develop me to become an even better fundraiser. What I enjoyed about this lecture was that she was interactive and had us singing. It was such a fun time! I have become more comfortable about making the ask now. Marci made things so much easier when making the ask. I would definitely want her to come again to speak! It helped spark the fire inside me to want to make a change in the CBO Sector. To help people become fundraiser themselves. Thank you!

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