Mentor – Humanics Program

A major highlight this semester was being matched with my mentor Linda Calandra, Independent Business Owner at Linda Calandra, Nonprofit Management and Fund Development. She was a blessing to me who provided motivation, expertise, guidance and feedback with my school projects and the field of interests that I want to be a part of. Linda listened and invested in me by keeping in contact and following up, especially with everything I had going on this semester. We shared many things in common that provided a strong communication bond with each other in being able to share and relate with one another. She was a wonderful and powerful mentor who invested in me and made a difference this semester. Having a mentor through the Humanics Program at Fresno State is another prime example of how it excels in meeting the needs of Humanics scholars. I look forward to keeping my connection with my mentor. I am very grateful for her time this semester. One day it would be an honor to follow in her foot steps to be a mentor to a Humanics scholar once I become alumni.

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