Seeing my Fellow Scholar Grow

The Humanics program at Fresno State helps scholars network and meet some of the best people I have ever known. This here, is my friend Jasmine. She has grown so much in the past year. It’s amazing to see her develop as a future leader of the Central Valley. She has extraordinary passion for the Community Benefit Organizations. After knowing her for a year, she will be an amazing leader in the Valley. She has been committed to the program and has inspired me to never give up. Jasmine has become a better public speaker and I can tell because she is blowing me away with her knowledge and ability to assess organizations. Getting know her, she has helped me find my passion in this sector. Jasmine will be a great addition to any CBO because she possess the qualities it take to be a great leader. She inspires me everyday and teaches me the importance of leadership. She has shown me what it takes to be successful and understand why I love helping our community. Thank you Jasmine for everything that you have done!

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